Olivia B

I've been reading a lot of Hunger. Given that Rankin dominates just about every issue of the mag, his work has been at the top of my mind. Rankin is a huge source of inspiration for me and I think my shoot with Olivia shows that a bit. I am in love with his style - it's aggresive and honest while maintaining a human sensitivity.

For this shoot I really wanted to make expression and movement the priority for Olivia. Putting her up against a white wall and blowing it out seemed like the best way to do that. You can't use a white wall as a crutch, it's just the model and the lens. 

Shot with a beauty dish straight on and maybe about 20-30 degrees up. I gridded the dish for the headshots. Second light behind Olivia and pointed against the wall to wash it out. Also, if any photographers are considering getting the Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art, just do it. Shooting with a short telephoto is overrated anyway. 

Overall I'm happy with how things turned out. It's common for me to get frustrated after a shoot because I can't seem to execute the image I have in my head, but I feel like with each shoot I'm getting a little bit better at executing that vision. Definitely recommend shooting with Olivia - she's a rad gal.