Nick Keding

Nick has one of the most distinctive looks of anybody I've met. He's also a war history buff, wears ivy caps, and is comfortable in heavy wool blazers. It's a bit unexpected for someone who models, but it makes him engaging and interesting to talk to. 

I've wanted to photograph Nick since I assisted one of Aaron Pedersen's shoots featuring him. I hadn't yet shot any of the men from Mode, so he is my introduction. 

With this shoot I wanted to contrast Nick's features with clothing and the environment. His pale skin and red hair really pop against the Stick Print shirt and the Davis Print pant from Club Monaco. Boots are from Red Wing. Styled entirely from my wardrobe - quite possibly a terrible idea.

Nick was fun to work with - he's calm and definitely has a good work ethic. Once we finished shooting outdoors and moved inside, I was ready to call it quits, but he was quick to ask if I wanted to shoot some more. Dude ate one of my pitas though. 

Thank you to Amy Arenna for assisting.